Still Finale: Recap, Review & Conclude Said

Still Finale: Recap, Review & Conclude Said

Does Na-Bi share with Jae-Eon to depart?

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Episode ten off Still starts which finale having Jae-Eon and you can Na-Bi nevertheless reeling throughout the early in the day night. Toward rain lashing down, Na-Bi advising the latest man she never really wants to see your again has actually a large affect them each other. Na-Bi is certainly regretting the woman strategies, unable to shake Jae-Eon’s form eyes in lieu of his several almost every other warning flag.

In school, Na-Bi says to Jin-Soo she does not require their help any longer and you will decides to remain for the with her project alone. Better, she actually is one of many for long when Jae-Eon reveals and you may keeps her give. She brings away, taking walks from once providing your a dirty search.

Both of them wallow in their own personal serious pain; Jae-Eon monitors his cellular telephone constantly. Na-Bi looks from screen from the lady apartment.

Are the new sculpture losing a work away from Goodness?

At the same time Ji-Wan and you can Sol sit along with her and flirt, looking longingly into you to definitely another’s vision. Bit-Na groups Se-Hun in the event, being required to go into the lady laptop computer. Merely, the woman code has become entirely hot Kyu-Hyun which she spends to get in and access the girl documents. Kyu-Hyun overhears and you may teases the woman.

In school, disaster hits. A tired and you may sick Na-Bi finds out her entire venture wrecked since clay sculpture she are concentrating on is within tatters on the floor. Are it a planned act? Whether or not it was or not, this is her entire module’s work gone right away. The Professor are just as exasperated, comprehending that with Na-Bi’s expo planned following the woman is generally planning to fail by the standard.

Just like the precipitation pours off exterior, Jae-Eon shows and provides to simply help Na-Bi attempt to improve the girl investment. He claims whenever providing the woman enhance so it he’s going to steer clear just like she expected.

Therefore, the group work together, quietly, to put the latest statue back along with her once more. While they workday and you can nights, the amount of time Jae-Eon and you may Na-Bi invest with her observes Na-Bi reevaluate the woman alternatives. Now whether or not, she monologues on how Jae-Eon cannot actually offer the girl an elevator domestic (hey, you told him to exit your by yourself!)

Sooner though the venture all comes together; an austere angel which have tattered wings and you will a good pained term. Toward investment a success, things are back again to how it are before. Jae-Eon doesn’t skip a trick, giving their some comments about precisely how very the woman is and strolling away. Exactly as assured, they are leaving the girl by yourself. Only, Na-Bi isn’t delighted.

Where was Jae-Eon?

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Ahead of she skips away, Jin-Soo hands over a green guide one Jae-Eon wants this lady to possess. At the same time, Jae-Eon bags up each of his products and you will says goodbye to help you his butterflies. The guy allows them all from window, seeing while they fly away.

While the big date turns to-night, no body generally seems to learn in which Jae-Eon has gone. However, rumours try are plentiful that her’s leftover towards the United states. Na-Bi yet not, are ground that he is left versus stating something.

As we in the near future find out, Jae-Eon has never kept at this time and he is in reality home, lying in the latest dark and you can thinking over how to handle it. He hasn’t remaining, he could be only depressed.

What goes on accomplish-Hyeok?

Do-Hyeok gets certain lady appeal off two just who request their autograph. They might be larger fans regarding his films and also want an image too. Toward semester more, Na-Bi shows to see him and you may confirms she will get off Seoul and you may visit the woman Mum following the expo. Anyway, she’s already been irritating their to go.

Do-Hyeok is actually delighted to have Na-Bi’s expo and you will chooses to head over and determine the angel to have himself immediately after his interviews. He tellingly mentions how impossible it was to resolve what you up, however, their face sinks as he finds out Jae-Eon is actually the only around. I am talking about, Na-Bi cannot state it personally however the lingering pauses and you may it comes down on it because the a buddy and someone speaks amounts. Nevertheless, Do-Hyeok remains optimistic you to definitely she’s going to like your.

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