A tiny later on, Lucy can be seen getting a shower

A tiny later on, Lucy can be seen getting a shower

Upcoming, Lucy becomes herself for the an excellent monologue, in which she decides towards and criticizes the dress choices she produces. She imagines a scene in which she and you can Natsu have kids, and kids appear to be Pleased. Into fact, she scolds by herself getting believing that.

She thinks about the new day she’s got you to definitely evening, however,, in the event she enjoys Natsu while the a great comrade, she chooses to turn your off

In the evening, Lucy arrives at the old forest and suits that have Natsu. She seems ashamed before the part when Natsu suggests that he named the woman once the the guy needed seriously to dig an opening so you can look for a record out-of uncomfortable pictures of the many guild members, and also the girl he was speaing frankly about was indeed Virgo because the he requires her so you can find out the fresh new record album. Lucy try surprised through this disclosure, and you can slaps your, once the she phone calls herself an entire idiot. [75]

Rainbow Sakura [ ]

From the Fairy End Guild, Makarov was lecturing his guild people on which it is to end up being a great Fairy End Mage and enjoy what they do complete for the past year, they’re going to support the a lot of time-anticipated Hanami Party. Yet not, Cluster Natsu plus Wendy and you may Carla are gone since they implemented Wendy into a job.

Meanwhile, Class Natsu try walking off Mt. Hakobe, looking a keen extract that supposedly magnify this new Magic Power regarding a beneficial Mage when ingested or eaten since it is their employment to gather a great amount of men and women. Because they travelling, Lucy and you may Wendy talk about the following Hanami in to the Horologium if you’re one other about three, Natsu, Grey and Erza, beat up the brand new Vulcans one to ambush them. If you are examining, Natsu sees this new scent of one’s vegetation and you can operates to your her or him, in order to discover an excellent Blizzardvern truth be told there. It turns out the Blizzardvern are a great herbivore and its favourite food is the fresh new plant that they needed seriously to assemble. Natsu, Grey, and you will Erza next intend to mark the attention to him or her, making Lucy, Wendy, Pleased and Carla to get the fresh new plants.

Natsu, Gray, and Erza assault and you may distract new Blizzardvern, and you will Lucy, Wendy, Pleased, and you will Carla spider towards herbs. The Blizzardvern seems to mirror Natsu’s fire and you can Gray’s frost and you can also dodge Erza’s lightning. While they competition, Lucy gets their practical some plants whenever an enthusiastic avalanche quickly begins. New avalanche sweeps her or him out, however, Lucy is effortlessly in a position to retain the newest flowers.

The next day is the day’s the fresh Hanami. Lucy stuck a cooler of are hidden throughout the avalanche and very she isn’t able to visit. Natsu and you will Pleased departs Lucy’s home to allow their other individuals. They think damaging to Lucy just like the she was really anticipating to the festival. After, the brand new event starts. Folks are having fun, sipping, restaurants, and you can chuckling. Natsu demonstrates to you Lucy’s position with the anybody else. Happy signifies that Wendy should cast a recuperation enchantment for her, nevertheless ends up Wendy already did and you can Lucy should be good by the next day. Over time, the standard Hanami Bingo event starts. Men except Natsu is actually performing and you can wanting to victory. Delighted tries to persuade Natsu to tackle Bingo, but the guy refuses.

During democrat dating review this period, Lucy is dependant on her bed yourself, considering all of the feel she got due to the fact date she satisfied Natsu right back from the Hargeon City. She wants that she attended the latest Hanami. Before she falls resting, she many thanks Natsu and the entire guild to be indeed there to possess the woman and you can finishes one to she inserted a tremendously great guild. Afterwards that nights, Lucy gets up on account of a disturbance additional. Lucy opens this new windows to check on the proceedings and you may are shocked observe a good Rainbow Sakura tree floating with the an effective boat from the river in the front regarding this lady family.

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