This exercise of having to pay a price for daughter is known as Dapa practise

This exercise of having to pay a price for daughter is known as Dapa practise

Question 27. What is implied by Dapa training? Solution: In Bhil group, the bride’s part has to spend the price of the child on the bridegroom’s side during relationship.

Matter 28. Understanding aˆ?Gol aˆ“ Gadhedon’ practise? Solution: In Bhil group, when a new people obtains the authority to select a lady for relationship while showing his power and bravery, this procedure is recognized as aˆ?Gol aˆ“ Gadhedon’ exercise.

Question 29. The significant fair regarding the Bhils? Answer: Beneshwardham fair could be the significant fair for the Bhils. Its arranged in the triveni confluence of streams Som, Jhakham and Mahi in Rajasthan.

Matter 31. What is the distinction between Gameti and Bolawa? Address: In bhil group, head of friend is known as as Gameti as well as their instructor/guide is known as as Bolawa.

Matter 32. How gets the word aˆ?Gond’ started? Response: your message aˆ?Gond’ enjoys descends from aˆ?Khonda’, this means hilly. Therefore, people live on slopes are usually called Gond.

Mouth is actually broad and teeth tend to be white and stronger

Matter 34. In which do gond tribe live? Solution: Gond tribe resides in Satpura, Maikal hills place, daughter aˆ“ Deogarh large land room, Bastar plateau and Garhjat mountains.

Matter 35. Something changing farming? Or something suggested by jhooming cultivation? Answer: changing agriculture was a primitive version of farming in which secure try prepared for farming by cutting and using up the flowers. After performing cultivation for 2-3 ages about cleared secure, it really is leftover idle and superimposed as fallow area.

Concern 36. Precisely what does Gond group do to maintain the water of dirt? Solution: In Gond tribe, to be able to wthhold the water of land, wooden obstructs are placed in reduced components to ensure erosion of dirt doesn’t happen and wetness was retained.

Matter 37. something Patel or Mukhadam? Answer: Head of communities in Gond tribe is known as Patel or Mukhadam.

Question 38. What’s required by Kotwar and Devari? Solution: The watchman of Gond tribal town is known as Kotwar while the village priest is known as Devari.

Question 39. Which words are spoken by Gonds? Response: Gond group generally speaks Gondi, Tamil, Kannad, Hindi Marathi, Tergu etc. languages.

Concern 40. Understanding meant by tale? Answer: According to the notion of Gond group, when Pahendi Kapar lingam, the best choice for the Gonds, had made all of them free, these Gond visitors have turn out from the caves in four teams, straight from that time, these four major categories of the Gonds are called tale try Gondi words.

Question 41. Understanding meant by Kabadi practice? Address: Under this exercise of Gond group, numerous generations to come for the debtor must work like slaves in creditor to repay even a petty loan.

RBSE Class 12 Geography Part 2 Small Answer Sort Concerns (SA-I)

Matter 1. Describe the people per her environment markets? Or create the names of people present in various parts around the world. Answer: Major tribes worldwide and their habitat areas tend to be as follow:

  1. Inhabitants of polar and cooler parts aˆ“ Eskimos, Samoyeds.
  2. People czy datemyage dziaÅ‚a of equatorial regions aˆ“ Pygmy, Saimang, Sakai.
  3. Residents of hot and dry Kalahariun wilderness aˆ“ Bushman.
  4. People of warm grassland region aˆ“ Masai and Badoo.
  5. Inhabitants of Temperate grassland segments aˆ“ Khirgiz.
  6. Inhabitants of hilly and plateau region aˆ“ Bhil, Gond, Meena, Naga as well as other tribes.

Concern 2. Describe the real structure of Eskimo tribal anyone. Solution: Eskimo tribe is related to Mongol competition. The facial skin of Eskimos is actually greater and level. Colour of body is yellowish aˆ“ brown, hair aˆ“ awkward and black colored, level aˆ“ method, nostrils aˆ“ flat, sight aˆ“ deep, chlocolate -colour, yellow and slanting. Their own jaws become big. These are generally emotionally strong.

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